About Us

Who is Period Correct?

Paul Proefrock

My passion began many years ago – a college kid in Southern Illinois, seeing a Cobra in a Ford dealership – and it became focused years later when I started my Hurricane big block replica build. Wanting to pursue as accurate a reproduction as possible, I found that many of the components were no longer available – or so pricey no one could afford them.

A lifelong gear-head, I combined my skills and training in art, engineering and marketing to research and develop the items I needed for my build. Many asked if I would supply pieces to them, thereby starting “Period Correct, LLC”, a company to supply affordable period correct components for the replica Cobra market – Shelby Cobra replica parts and accessories.

Our products can be found on many replicas around the country, and to my pleasure, on a number of notable original CSX cars.
Oh, and my Hurricane build? Build one is on the road and we enjoy it as much as we can. Build II is in the shop and about 50% complete.

They’re never done. And I’m enjoying every minute.

Hurricane Gen I build.

Bored & stroked Center Oiler FE (432″) EightStack Injection, TKO600, IRS, Trigo 15″ pin-drive wheels

Put on the road in 2010 and driven regularly.


Hurricane Gen II build.

Bored & Stroked Alum. Shelby Side Oiler FE (468″) EightStack Injection, LibertyGears TKO600, 2015 Mustang IRS, Trigo 15″ pin-drive wheels

We’re nearing completion of this build, hoping to be on the road in 2021. Very similar to Build#1 except even more attention to period correct details.

Things haven’t changed: the hardest part of building these is picking a color combination.