Air Vents

Shelby Cobras had an issue with foot box heat from the very first cars. The addition of foot box air vents helped. We’ve designed a system that appears as the originals did. We use modern-day components to manage production costs. This section offers vents, nose adapters, hoses, clamps, cables, all the pieces necessary to add a functional foot box ventilation system to your build.

Whether you’re building a period-correct S/C and need the interior nose air vent adapters, a street-car with the brake duct adapters, or just need an inexpensive gate system for a Factory Five, we can provide all the pieces. 

Curious about the history of the vehicles, one of the earliest dealer bulletins was to address the heat in the foot box generated by the oversize engines stuffed into the small engine compartments, headers just inches away from the driver and passenger’s legs. Curious about component arrangements, study the various cars and pictures of originals in our historical archives.