427 Cobra Pusher Fan Kit

427 Cobra Pusher Fan Kit


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Amazing how technology changes. Big Block Cobras had an issue with engine heat. Remington came up with a pusher fan mounted in front of the radiator. Earlier cars were single fan, they then opted for two fans, trying to lower the BTU’s


Typical hot-rodding fashion, the motors came from a Ford heater fan, the blades from the local refrigeration supplier. A few brackets and adapters – you have a solution.  The interesting part – 20 years later they figured out fans behind the radiator, sucking air thru worked better. Who knew. Yea, you still need the pusher fan to look authentic


This kit includes the two motors, two fans, mounting brackets and fan adapters. Since replica’s use various frame systems, we’ll leave it up to you to source the mounting steel tube and mount ( prices at the local big box store are reasonable and you won’t have to pay shipping for a tube you can pickup locally). We supply instructions and ideas on how to mount to your build.


Need something special on it? Not near a big box store? Don’t have the welding equipment? Drop us a line, I bet we can work out something.


Please be aware: These are built to order, allow a couple extra weeks for delivery

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Weight 123 oz
Dimensions 9.75 × 9.75 × 5.5 in


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