Serck Radiator Tag Cobra

Serck Radiator Tag Cobra


Brass Radiator tag used on original vehicles. Suitable for Concours or replica – exact duplicate of original tag

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If you’re particular about your engine bay, why not finish it off properly? These brass tags can be epoxied or soldered to your tank or radiator mount.


The original cars came with a radiator produced by Serck Radiators and identified with these product tags. The tag was subsequently stamped with two different hand stamps. The first, 3mm (1/8″) high stamp on the left side began with ‘L’ followed by a four-digit number, typically between 8xxx and 95xx. It is believed this was the production lot number. The number on the right was a larger stamp (8mm?) and typically a two or three position number. These were believed to be a serial number on the radiator, tied to the production lot.


The average car show fan will note how detailed your build is – the true Cobra fan will acknowledge how accurate your replica build is.

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