Voltage regulators

Cobra Voltage Regulator

If you’re building a period correct car, you must have an external regulator – no discussion. But then comes the question, which one?

The original Ford regulator was a mechanical one and anyone with some vehicle history knows they weren’t the most reliable. Current day solid state regulators do a real good job, and are on the same foot print, but don’t use the old tall case like the mechanicals. What to do?

Two options,

  • You can purchase a modern day regulator with a different case from National Parts Depot. #C5AF-10136-A
  • I opted to purchase a current day regulator from my local O’Rielly Auto store and then change the cover. It comes with a lifetime warranty, is solid state and very dependable. I then purchased just the cover from NPD

Sorry, you can’t buy them here, go to NPW and get one.

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